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Monday, June 3

Today the 7th day after the funeral......

Last weeks there were another Death in the Family... a mourning day and parade of the gray Matching band...  and then follow by the funeral day where the coffin was nail shut. Leaving tear among the relatives and sibling. where we watch  him laid on the grown fallow with funeral rite and chinese ritual.

I still remember the phone call where i heard the wailing and uncontrolled sobbing and piece by piece of words forming into a sentence from his daughter that Her Apaa who was very ill had a fall and wouldn't wake up. Thus we call several other relative and uncle and neighbour that was nearby  their house and by the time their reach there.  There were nothing that they can do. In the end a doctor from nearby clinic was called and he annouced the time of passing on 140pm.

We reach later at 2pm. Many  cant believe that he has pass away when we had just visit him last nite and the day before. He look very calm as if he was in a deep sleep with nothing to worry at all lying forever still on the sofa.

Later other relative rush to house that day . Then we decide to moved the body to the hospital first and wait for the release of his body.

The body was later were place at the Hokkien Asssociation Hall for praver and ritual and preparation went on the way even though everyone was sad. Phone call was made  to family, friends and acquaintance..

on the Third day . the coffin was close after his last daughter arrive on the 3rd day..

and thus began the procession ritual of sending the decease. Where he was buried beside his wife who had pass away 4 year early during the marriage and wedding ritual of their younger daughter.  It was a sad affair watching tear glistening down  his eye in  sadness and mourning of his wife and the mother of his 5 children..

Today the seventh day. last nite we had gather all his favorite  belonging, cloth and mattress to the his grave for the last rite where all his belonging was burned  infront of the grave and where his eldest song carry his urn to the Buddhist Association to be place there beside his wife as was promised year before this.

Death came again it seen... as nature had set .

We will never forger his helpfulness in helping the people around him and his constant visit to all our relatives while he was alive and never miss to visit relative house when he was free.... and how hard he work for his family...

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